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Re: [CDT-L] Motorized use and official routes (fwd)

sorry to those who get this twice...

While hiking in the Northern CO CDT, I was surprised as well to see more
motorcycles and ATV's than hikers (the ratio was actually around 20 to
well, me).  This occured even on officially posted portoins of the trail.

The National Trail Systems act does prohibit motorized vehicles on
National Scenic trails, giving exception to owners of privately held land
over which the trail crosses by cooperative agreement.
(see one text copy I found of the act:)

I wish I knew more about exactly what the Federal involvement is in
establishment/construction/maintenance of the Trails; it seems to be
minimal in that most progress seems to come from the dedication and
volunteerism of individuals, some of whom are on this list.

This is relevant to the earlier discussion about whether a Designated
Route with real tread is a sound concept for the CDT; I would argue that
in spite of whatever detriment it would have on the character of the CDT,
it is essential to the eventual success of the CDT. One cannot protect the
interests of a trail (e.g. enforcing the Act which allows its
establishment) without a concrete route which it follows.

An established route would alleviate a second awkward aspect of the
current CDT, that of trespassing. Ranchers are generally reasonable people
and the few I encountered while trespassing allowed me to continue, but
each hiker they encounter wandering out there will alienate them a little
more. The fact remains that it is unfeasible to expect ranchers to accept
trespassing with infinite patience. Some sort of real usage agreement,
i.e. a route, is eventually needed.


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