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Re: [CDT-L] Floyd Dominy vs. David Brower


Well put. It always seemed logical to me that the internet would band people 
together about issues in real time. In my oppinion it's foolish to turn a 
blind eye to it all. Personally I don't suffer from an overload of 
information - in fact I'm quite isolated here in Redstone and therefore 
welcome all discussion - political and non-political.

Perhaps some people believe I'm overreacting, but the Brower vs. Dominy 
issue is valid. Look what was lost, and now look at what we stand to lose. 
What will we gain if public lands are privatized? Will traditional 
thru-hikers be able to afford to hike? Have you heard the comment, "Can't 
see the forest for the fees."? Seriously, has anyone stopped to think about 
the ramifications of specific political agendas? Where does it end and when 
do we begin to unite?

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