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Re: [CDT-L] Floyd Dominy vs. David Brower

At 08:54 AM 2/26/00 -0800, you wrote:
>Well put. It always seemed logical to me that the internet would band 
>people together about issues in real time. In my oppinion it's foolish to 
>turn a blind eye to it all. Personally I don't suffer from an overload of 
>information - in fact I'm quite isolated here in Redstone and therefore 
>welcome all discussion - political and non-political.

I have an idea!  Look out....everyone run for cover.  How about a e-list 
specifically for
envioronmental concerns as they affect trail issues.  I can set on up on 
onelist to see
if there is any interest.  Everyone could post environmental alerts and 
discusions there.
We could announce the list on all the hiking forums and e-lists.  Let's 
face it,  there
aren't many of us here and if these issues are to be effected by our input, 
we should
have a much bigger audience.  and it would retain the current nature of 
cdt-l's focus.

Any interest?  
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