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[CDT-L] NM alternate route/water sources - Grants to Pie Town

These are my notes on the alternate route/water sources between Grants
and Pie Town, NM.  If there's any interest, I also have notes on the Cuba
to Grants section and (I think) from Pie Town to Reserve.  A couple 
definitions here (in this context) - 

Stock tank means a metal tank fed by a spring or electric pump.  Windmill
fed tanks are specified as "windmills"

Stock pond means a bulldozed depression that may or may not have water. 
If it has water, it's usually a mud-hole and the water is hard to get at.
 Don't fall in - the mud can be knee-deep.  

Onward - 

From First St in Grants 
1 mile west on NM 124 (old US 66), then left on NM53
Cross I-40 on the bridge across from McDonalds, 
then left on Zuni Canyon Road (NM 49)just past the campground.  
Zuni Canyon road becomes a gravel road after about 3 miles. 

There's a stock tank on the right 10 miles out Zuni Canyon Road.  

Turn left on Bonita Canyon Road (NM 447) - El Malpais Spring is behind
the historical marker on Zuni Canyon Road  mile beyond the intersection
of Zuni Canyon and Bonita Canyon Roads.  The stock tank is a better

There's a stock pond on the right  mile down Bonita Canyon Road.  

Three miles down Bonita Canyon Road there's a windmill that was broken
when we were there, but it may have been fixed.  There was a repair crew
out on that road the next morning.  

The well 5 miles down Bonita Canyon was operational.  Good camping in the
pines west of the well.  

Eight miles down Bonita Canyon Road there's an operational windmill on
the left. 

 A mile further, there's a stock tank  mile off the road on the left. 

Hope you tanked up before this, cause the next water is on the other side
of the malpais.  At the Bonita Canyon Road/Rt 53 intersection is the
western trailhead for the Zuni-Acoma Trail.  The literature says it's 7.5
miles across there.  The literature lies - it's longer.  Once you get to
NM 117 (paved) turn right.  After  mile there's a non-operational well
on the right.  Another  mile (near MP 42) there's a non-operational
windmill on the left directly in front of Los Pilares (rock formation). 
If you go through the gate and walk around the back of Los Pilares,
theres a stock pond.  It's been unused by cattle for some time - but it's
still green/brown/grey.  But it's water - and it's nine miles to the next
good water source.  Be grateful. 

Follow NM 117 south past La Ventana at MP 39. It's worth the time to stop
in there.  There's a stock pond across the highway - but it's on National
Monument land, behind a brand new fence.  

At MP 35 there's a non-operational stock tank. 

Turn left through the gate at MP 31into Cibolla Canyon.  This is BLM
land. The windmill at MP 31 is working.  1 miles down Cibolla Canyon is
another operational windmill.  

About 7 miles down Cibolla Canyon, take the right fork and head down Sand
Canyon.  There's a windmill on the left fork that appeared to be
operational but we didn't check it out.  About a mile further on the road
 up Sand Canyon there's a stock pond on the left.  

At the top of the ridge, make a right through a gate onto an old jeep
track and follow it into Armijo Canyon.  

There's a windmill on Sand Canyon Road  mile beyond the turnoff into
Armijo Canyon.  We didn't go there, but the BLM advertises it as being
operational so it probably is.  

About 3 miles down Armijo Canyon there's a stock pond, a water tank and
the remains of an adobe house. 

The stock pond has water - but Armijo Spring is in a spring house at the
top of the draw to the right.  It's about  mile and 200 ft elevation
above the house, near the top of the mesa.  But the water is worth it. 
Use a filter - the amphibian livestock is active and plentiful.  Good
protein for your dinner  :-) 

NM 41 is 4-5 miles down Armijo Canyon.  The jeep road gets lost in the
sagebrush when you get about a mile from the road.  Bushwhack out to the
road.  Turn left on NM 41.  There are 2 non-operational windmills south
of the King Bros HQ - the first at 3 miles on the right, the second at 4
 miles on the left .  

11  miles down NM 41 there's a cabin on the right with a windmill in
back.  The windmill may be operational in 2000.  If not, look on the
porch.  The owners leave water out for hikers.  

2  miles beyond the cabin is Freeland Arroyo, with a broken windmill on
the right.  Don't bother -  mile up the hill is an electrically operated
stock tank that is operational.  

There's a metal stock tank just north of the junction with NM 601.  

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