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[CDT-L] Twin Lakes to Las Cumbres Pass...

Hey All!

I'm going to be hiking from Twin Lakes in central Colorado to the highway at Las
Cumbres Pass this summer.  I wonder if there are any bits of wisdom or knowledge
that others who have passed through this area in the last couple years might
like to share.  This includes memories of pristine camp spots, stretchs that are
slow, slow, slow, places where the trail is confusing, etc.  I've got the Wolf
book and will get the other trail guide.

I'm downloading all the maps from topozone.com, which while slow, is going to
give me 1/25,000 scale maps.  And there are lots of them.  Planning is at least
a quarter of the fun.

Thanks for your help!

Jeffrey Olson
Laramie WY

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