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[CDT-L] Intro

Hi everyone.  I'm new to the CDT-L.  In fact, I just joined last Wednesday,
and I wonder what took me so long!  A lot of posts recently...almost too
much for me to absorb for now, as I'm busy working and taking an evening

I thru-hiked the PCT in '96, after having done some major sections in 1991
and 1995.  To this day, my PCT hike is the most rewarding thing I have ever
done!  After my PCT hike I turned my attention to the CDT.  In 1998 I hiked
the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness in Montana and in 1999 a portion of northern
Colorado.  Generally I have sought to hike the CDT in three sections over
three years, but other priorities are keeping me off the trail right now.
At least I indulged in a taste of the CDT and I now understand why it's such
a challenging trail to hike.  I certainly respect the accomplishment of
anyone who has hiked the entire CDT!  I'm still hoping to do a large section
of the CDT, in 2001 perhaps, from Canada to Yellowstone.

Many of you on the list have heard of ALDHA-West?  I volunteered as a board
member when Ray Jardine quit and turned it over to those of us who attended
his 1995 Gathering.  We re-started ALDHA-West with donations received that
day and published our first post-Jardine Distance Hikers Gazette in the Fall
of 1995.  I was the Secretary Treasurer until October 1999.  ALDHA-West
remains a small but very interesting community of long distance hikers with
a great quarterly publication and a wonderful annual Gathering.   This year,
our Gathering will be Septeber 29 to October 1 at the Mazama Lodge in
Government Camp, Oregon.

I have enjoyed reading many of the recent posts. They remind me of many of
the fine people I have met during my long hikes and during the gatherings,
trail maintenance, etc.  I recently found that there are only 98 subscribers
to CDT-L.  Imagine what it might be like in ten years!  Enjoy the relative
solitude of the CDT now!  It's likely to get more crowded out there.  Still,
even with user fees and permits in the NPs, it isn't as bad a taking a slow
rush-hour drive on I-5 in Portland!

Roger Carpenter
P.O. Box 651 
Vancouver, WA  98666
(360) 696-1746

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