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Re: [CDT-L] Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water !

On Mon, 21 Feb 2000 17:16:11 EST KBerger466@aol.com writes:
 But a part of me longs for some remote 
> trail (or 
> even untrail) that no one has ever heard of where I can get lost for 
> a couple 
> of months. That's a weird dichotomy that I can't really explain. I 
> guess I 
> like to connect with others who share my love of wilderness -- even 
> if the 
> thing I love about wilderness is being alone in it. 
> I really think that as a culture of long distance hikers develops on 
> a trail,  the experiences that people have on that trail will
> change.  NOT that  mine was better -- not that I'm at all critical of
anyone's choices. 
> But you > can't fault me for being  grateful to have had the rare
> I did to > experience a major trail before all that started to happen. 

Karen, you're right. You were lucky to experience the CDT before it was
"discovered" - and the Arizona trail as well.  I envy you both.  I love
the idea of going where no one has gone before. I would like to be a
trail-blazer. Unfortunately, it is hard to do these days. We could create
our own routes, as some have done - walking from Seattle to Denver or
some such. Or we could go up to Canada or Alaska and just get lost for a
few months.  I know someone who is planning to hike the trans-Canada
trail soon - before it is complete.  One of the real attractions of
hiking the CDT now was that we wanted to get out there before it was a
completed trail.   I have walked one trail I helped build - one of the
first to hike it - and that was a lot of fun, but most of our hiking is
on established trails in established areas.  Someday we may find a good
place to get lost for a few months, where we can explore to our heart's
content.  For right now, it's enough of a challenge to hike the long
trails that others have told us about.  But we can dream.
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