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Re: [CDT-L] [cdt list] reply to jim and ginny

>tanks, windmills with dead things (Whiteroot: Did you drink the dead raven

No I didn't drink the dead raven water! I pressed on and found water 8 miles 
beyond at another windmill. Also, I didnt' hike 50 miles without water, but 
I was nearly out of food. I had a bear claw remaining and gave it to my 
hiking partner near the end of the day and then walked the remaining 
distance to Pie Town without food the following morning.

>Re: the hiker grapevine and what 9 other thru-hikers did or didn't too -- I
>see the "grapevine" as supporting sheep-like behavior. "Everyone" talks 
>what "everyone" is going to do, based on little or no knowledge. C'mon, 
>all seen that time and time again. That's why I really liked the article
>"Impassible is a State of Mind" which ran in the ALDHA-West newsletter 
>a year ago re: the Sierra and snow. Everybody sits at Kennedy Meadows
>worrying and gossiping about conditions ahead, which no -one can possible
>know, and then people make decisions (like sending ice axes home) based on
>this guesswork and gossp! Like I said, I'm glad there was no grapevine on 
>CDT in 90.

Karen, I call this herd poisoning and I've seen it all too often. I agree 
Chris Bailey's article was a good one. A friend of mine from the CDT, Andrew 
Helliwell, recounted his experience at Kenedy Meadows in 95, by all accounts 
an unusually high snow year. He said Campmor and the store near the camp 
were loving the bussiness. Everybody debated over what to do, lots ordering 
snowshoes and ice axes from Campmor and hanging around Kenedy meadows for a 
week or more. For him the decision was easier, flip-flop. His partner at the 
time was Joe from the PCTA. OF all the PCT hikers that year, they were 2 of 
the few who hiked the distance. The rest squabbled over what to do and where 
to hike and I think a lot of them gave up or returned the following year to 
either start over or complete what they didn't finish. Yes, and out of all 
of the 95 hikers I think only one person, Taro, pressed through the High 
Sierra alone! He slogged through all that snow and made it in my oppinion, 
though he ended his hike at Rainy Pass due to extreme winter weather and a 
few feet of new snow.

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