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Re: [CDT-L] GPS vs. weight question

Humans do not have an innate sense of direction. I know this for a fact 
because in college I took a class in Animal Behavior and we tested it with 
an experiment. Thirty students were blindfolded and loaded into 2 different 
vans. I drove one van, the professor the other, sans blindfolds of course. 
After circling a few roundabouts and cruising around the city we drove to an 
unmarked and unidentifiable area outside of the city. Even with the use of 
the sun, few if any of the students were able to correctly identify where we 
started from.

Of course the GPS is a tool that has further reaching applications than a 
compass. Though keep in mind it is electronic and electronic things require 
a power source and can and do break, especially when you need them the most. 
Also they are heavier, batteries included, than my 1 oz. compass.

When I hiked the CDT there were numerous times I didnt know exactly where I 
was, though I never felt lost. Plus I found the experience exilhirating.

Noting the usefulness and applications of the GPS, it's on par with anglers 
who use radar or sonar? to find schools of fish. Where's the challenge? Now, 
let's talk about skills: HOw many people do you know who could survive in 
the woods let alone find their way out of the proverbial wet paper bag? What 
I'm getting at is survival skills, primitive technology if you will, is 
falling to the wayside and technology will someday succumb.

Also, aren't all the satellites that are required for a GPS to work 
littering outerspace?

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