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Re: [CDT-L] CDT: Universal Permit

>I hate permits - but having seen what overuse can do to prime hiking
>areas, I understand why they are needed in some places.   That's why I
>usually choose to go where they aren't required - both to avoid the
>bureaucracy and to avoid the crowds. But I think that in future there
>will be very few places that will be truly open anymore.

Agreed! I have a friend who avoids all NP's like the plague. Notably there 
are inherent dangers in all parks including Grizzly bears in GNP and YNP. 
However, let's be fair to the bears, afterall the NPS created the bear 
problem through their public feedings. Simply, bears associate humans with 
food because of these public feedings that were conducted to draw crowds, 
bussiness if you will, to the dwindling NP's.

Certainly I don't mind tighter management in higher impact areas, but I'm 
not sure coralling hikers is the answer. Plus, I don't think it's fair that 
hikers pay more to camp in some NP's than people in motorized vehicles. Lets 
talk about impact for a minute. Ummm- gee a few back packers or one RV. RV's 
require countless gallons of fuel,  roads, hookups, and waste stations. Self 
sufficient hikers really require nothing (meant to read no amenities), not 
even a trail if you get down to it.

While I'm on the topic of bears let's review something. Have you ever seen a 
highschool in Kansas or the plains and their mascott is a grizzly? 
Previously grizzlies roamed the plains, but have been driven into the 
isolation of remote mountain ranges. It's an animal that's suffered the 
impact of settlement, because no settlers wanted them around. Further, 
ranchers, namely the US fish and game controll (it has another name) began a 
serious erradication program to eliminate any and all predators of 
livestock, grizzly, coyote, etc. In fact under the auspices of the US Govt. 
countless poisons and traps were introduced to implement the erradication 
program. For more information regarding this topic check out Ghost Grizzlies 
- a good read about the possibility of Grizzlies in the South San Juans of 

Even with the bear problem in Yosemite the PCTA successfully operates the 
universal permit. I think when it comes down to it, this is about money, not 
management. I don't need the NPS to protect me with their rules, afterall 
they started the problem that's become the monster. Now numerous bears are 
destroyed in the name of public safety. What's lacking here is the fact and 
understanding of reality: nothing is safe or perfect. However some people 
want it that way. A perfect world doesn't exist and can never exist. Though 
look around, I hear people are taking out insurance on their vacations. If 
it rains you get your money back. I suppose since the american way of life 
leaves few people with more than a week of vacation, it - as well as 
everything else is expected to be perfect. There's simply no room or marigin 
for error in their eyes, especially when mother nature is concerned.

As for me, I've come to accept the world as is and will continue to pursue 
nature on her own terms - rain or shine, grizzly or no grizzly.

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