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[at-l] Thinking about others

Sloetoe writes:

>> But hey, while we're on the subject of sacrificing for your public 
>> good, has it ever occurred to you that EVEN MORE people could benefit 
>> if the Appalachian Trail were graded and paved?

>    I think about it all the time. It's a habit I have: "thinking about 
>    others." Try it and you may see a better way and possibly tomorrow may 
>    dawn for you a brighter day and you'll come through and want to stay 
>    and sit a while.

It's in consideration of the rights of others that I am opposed
to the taking of Saddleback. You know, the Golden Rule and all

How can you expect others to respect your rights if you don't
respect theirs?

>    Community is back in style. Yeah, try it.

(slaps forehead) Oh yeah, I forgot. Might makes right.

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