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Re: [at-l] Saddleback

Jim McBride wrote:

> A critical point to consider is that the landowner has the land up for sale
> already. The fact is that he wants to sell it and this makes a big
> difference in the situation. The issue is not someones land being taken. The
> issue is the price that will be paid for it.

> There is no issue here of land being taken away by force. 

If eminent domain is being invoked, the land is begin taken
against the owner's will, period. It doesn't matter how much
"just compensation" is thrown his way, or for how much he was
previously willing to sell his property.

>                                                           The owner wants to
> sell. The real issue at hand is the ability of a landowner to use his land
> as he sees fit without interference from the government. The owner wants
> approval to expand the development so he can sell it at a higher price.
> Obviously the property is worth much less if it has restrictions on its
> usage. If you want to argue for the landowners right you should argue this
> point and not eminent domain, because like I said previously, its not the
> issue here.


Jim McBride wrote:
> 'tricknee' writes:

>> So Jim If the land were yours, would you just give it up or would
>> you try to get as much out of it as possible like more than 99%
>> of us would.

> Of course I would try to get as much out of it as possible. If you notice,
> I've never joined in the crowd calling the landowner greedy or anything like
> that. He has the right to try to get as much as possible, just as I, as a
> taxpayer, have the right to try to pay a fair price for it. Hopefully in the
> end a fair solution will appear.

To reiterate, the only "fair" price in a trade is one that
has been mutually agreed to by both the buyer and the seller -- 
anything else is thievery. It doesn't matter if it's one person
taking the property or the governm...excuse me, the "community."

Eminent domain may be legally sanctioned in this country, but
it is thievery nonetheless. If you want to argue that stealing
for the benefit of a special inter...excuse me again, for the
"community" is better than stealing for the benefit of a few,
then go right ahead.

I see that some on this list already have. :)

But the least y'all can do is recognize eminent domain for what
it is. Don't empty Solar Bear's water bottle on my head and tell
me it's raining.

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