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Re: [at-l] More Saddleback

OidMaster wrote:

<< This isn't an issue of sympathy, but of ethics and justice. >>

> Ethics, yes.

> The owner couldn't sell at his price over a long period. Perhaps
> his asking price was too high.

> Once he saw the Government as a potential buyer he jacked his price
> 3 fold. Now he's attempting ( quite successfully) to paint the issue
> into a "poor little guy v. the mean ol' Government so I need your
> sympathy" thing.

> Justice? Justice would be the seller getting about 80% of his
> original asking price. ( That's the rule of thumb in real estate )

> Justice is not the seller getting 300% of his original asking
> price because the buyer is the Government. It's NOT about emminent
> domain, it's about an individual's greed.

So justice in your mind is for the government to take the land
against the owner's will and pay whatever amount it declares is

Got it. :)

I hope you people don't exercise this kind of "justice" during
the course of your everyday lives. Fortunately, town meetings
and general elections don't occur very often.

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