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Re: [at-l] a beginers running question?

First, I would also want to know about your age, weight, and general 
health. History of injuries and arthritis would assist. Your recent history 
of physical fitness and exercise would be helpful. I wonder if the pain in 
the stomach area is actually due to hepatic loss of glycogen storage or 
relative increase in lactic acid. The pain in your legs may be simply lack 
of conditioning, but could also represent serious problems with poor 
vascular supply to your legs. The exhaustion after a few laps may be poor 
conditioning, or could be that pesky heart attack you were hoping to avoid. 
(I'm giving you minor versus catastrophic complications).

If you are out of shape, it is a grand idea to first assure that you are 
healthy enough to begin training. It is a grand idea to get assistance from 
a trainer or PT regarding how to train up. Consistency, and building up 
your stamina is the key, in most situations. Running is not always the best 
cross-training exercise for hiking, or other sports.

Atlanta, GA

At 12:44 AM 8/28/1999 -0400, Paul Miller wrote:
>so the syntoms i am getting are:
>that pain in your stomach area from breathing to hard
>sore legs in general
>sore calves in paticular
>and this feeling of complete wastedness after a few laps

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