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Re: [at-l] a beginers running question?

I use running and bicycling to keep my general fitness level high. Whether
or not running is the best way to get in shape for the trail is a subject
of much debate. I think that walking up and down stairs with increasing
amounts of weight on your back is similar to what you'll encounter when
walking the trail, well maybe not that severe, but you do have to walk up
and down hills and mountains with weight on your back.

Running is great for general aerobic and leg conditioning but it is a
fairly specific about what you're training. That's why I cycle - to cross
train other areas - and give the joints a break. If your aerobic capacity
needs improvement running will get you there fast if you don't overdo it.
If you're hurting after running try a simpler approach and walk/run. Walk
10 minutes to warm up then jog/run 10 minutes. Repeat this for 30 - 40
minutes. Adjust the times based on your abilities.

IMPORTANT: Warm up first. Nothing will hurt you quicker than stressing
cold tendons/ligaments/muscles.

As far as the difference between running/jogging, I feel that once your
time to go a mile drops below 10 minutes you're running. 

-Uncle Milt

"In the name of the Bee, and of the Butterfly, and of the Breeze, Amen" -
    --Emily Dickenson

On Sat, 28 Aug 1999, Paul Miller wrote:

> i have been tryign to train by running( i coudl be joggin too i am nto
> really sure what the diffrence is) recently .. now i admit i have not a clue
> as to what i am doing.  i have only been at it for two weeks..  but right
> now(figuratively) i am running in field. on grass some mowed some not so
> mowed.  cause i find pavement hurts my legs.  i am loosing my wind after
> about what i think to be half a mile...  but then again it is a big field we
> are talkgin about who knows how big it is..    but either way i am jsut
> blasted by the end of two laps which i think are 1/4 miles each(some times
> only one).    then I walk until I am revived and jog or run again until i
> completely blow out again.  by this time my legs no matter how much a
> stretch are burning and the calves are soars and i feel all wobbly.    i
> strecth again before i stop and i make sure i dont stretch until i have run
> for jsut a bit to warm up slightly.
> so the syntoms i am getting are:
> that pain in your stomach area from breathing to hard
> sore legs in general
> sore calves in paticular
> and this feeling of complete wastedness after a few laps
> is this normal for a new runner or am i doign somethign wrong i woudl hate
> to be hurting my self. after all i am doign this so i can get healthier not
> worse. and i woudl hate to be starting all wron g and not makign any
> prgress... now the thing is i am running or jogging about as slow as i can
> with out turnign it into a really fast walk.(i think but the definitions
> somethimes confuse me)
> so any suggestions or hints...  if i was to be able to run 2 miles i woudl
> be happy forget a marathon.
> Wisperlite
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