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Re: [at-l] a beginers running question?

     ***Sloetoe responds:

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Subject: [at-l] a beginers running question?
Author:  "Paul Miller" <jeanpaul@iname.com> at ima
Date:    8/28/99 12:44 AM

i have been tryign to train by running( i coudl be joggin too i am nto 
really sure what the diffrence is) recently
***I've heard it said that "The difference between runners and joggers is a 
race entry form." But Milt's 10minutes/mile works, too.

.. now i admit i have not a clue as to what i am doing.  i have only been at 
it for two weeks..  but right now(figuratively) i am running in field. on 
grass some mowed some not so mowed.  cause i find pavement hurts my legs.
***A great way to start -- going on grass. Just watch for the uneven 
surfaces, which can sprain an ankle and set you back half a year. Scary. But 
if the pavement hurts your legs/feet, look to new shoes. Look to a "real" 
running shop and have them put you into a decent "motion control" shoe for a 
spin around the parking lot. Be patient with the first purchase. Skimping 
may ruin running for you.

  i am loosing my wind after about what i think to be half a mile... 
***so what?

 but then again it is a big field we are talkgin about who knows how big it 
is..    but either way i am jsut blasted by the end of two laps which i 
think are 1/4 miles each(some times only one).    then I walk until I am 
revived and jog or run again until i completely blow out again.
***You're doing it perfectly right. Perfectly. Pretty soon, you'll see the 
"running" distances out-doing the "rest interval" distances. "Interval 
Training" is an extremely efficient fitness improver.

 by this time my legs no matter how much a stretch are burning and the 
calves are soars and i feel all wobbly.    i strecth again before i stop and 
i make sure i dont stretch until i have run for jsut a bit to warm up 
***The devil is in the details, especially when it comes to things like the 
particulars of stretching. But from here, it again sounds like you're on the 
right track and experiencing all the typical joys.
so the syntoms i am getting are:
that pain in your stomach area from breathing to hard 
sore legs in general
sore calves in paticular
and this feeling of complete wastedness after a few laps
***ALL the typical joys. The stomach pain is also known as a "stitch" -- it is 
your parietal peritoneum(?) saying "I don't like the jostling!" You won't hurt 
anything "running through" that pain, but you can cut it out quickly by bending 
over and bringing your chest to your knees. And you can minimize their 
occurances by warming up slowly -- even your abs, by not eating or drinking 30 
minutes before you exercise, or by "stressing" repeatedly until you are used to 
the load.
The sore calves part I used to call "Walter Brennan Disease" because my calves 
would be so tight (getting out of bed in the morning, especially) that I would 
walk/limp around like Walter Brennan until things loosened up. As long as it's 
muscle and not your Achilles tendon, you can work through it. Watch it, though.
The "feeling of complete wastedness?" Ah, yes. True joy. You want to go to bed, 
don't you. As soon as you are done. No shower, no eating, just bed. Fluids by IV
so's you don't even have to lift an arm. Am I on target? Don't worry about that,
either. It's expected, especially early on, and will diminish as you progress. 
You can help your "recovery" from workouts by reenergizing the carbohydrates 
which your body used up during the workout. PowerBars are great, but expensive 
compared to some alternatives: bagels/honey are popular, but I go even simpler: 
I buy bulk fortified cereal -- maybe apple/cinnimon cherio-types -- and fill two
large cups, one with water and one with cereal, and consume until sated. 
is this normal for a new runner or am i doign somethign wrong i woudl hate 
to be hurting my self. after all i am doign this so i can get healthier not 
worse. and i woudl hate to be starting all wron g and not makign any 
prgress... now the thing is i am running or jogging about as slow as i can 
with out turnign it into a really fast walk.(i think but the definitions 
somethimes confuse me)
so any suggestions or hints...  if i was to be able to run 2 miles i woudl 
be happy forget a marathon.

***Again, the devil is in the details, but you sound right on target. And 
there's lots of sources of good info -- Adrian mentioned runner's worlds online,
and there's coolrunning.com and halhigdon.com and.......but you sound perfect.

Running/hiking will consume about the same caloric need from your body, no 
matter the speed, but if you want to consume more fat calories than carbo 
calories, go slower. Your speed right now isn't that important: your "rubber 
legged" feeling indicates that your body is "speeding" right now. As your 
fitness improves, that rubber legged feeling will go away, and you'll also be 
burning more fat and less carbo.

Happy Trails!
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