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[at-l] Eminent domain

I remember the topic of "viewshed" coming up a few years ago along
with eminent domain.  Who is to say what the landowner wants except
the landowner.  Can't people and governments EVER accept the idea
that some things are just NOT for sale?  Apparantly not, since if
the government or some other entity with lots of money really wants
a parcel of land, then sooner or later they will have it, no matter
what the "owner" really wants.

Yes, it's nice to have a lovely view while we are hiking, but I'd
give up a few of the lovely views if it meant somebody didn't have
to be dragged kicking and screaming off their land so I could have
it as I literally pass through.

I know this isn't necessarily what the Saddleback issue is about, but
I'm pretty sure from what I've read on this list (no I have never
gone to Trailplace), that eminent domain is the direct cause of
all the storied hostility some locals have toward hikers in the

Flame away...... I believe that trail corridors can be had without
government strongarming of the local landowners.....

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