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Re: [at-l] Eminent domain

Sharon Sharpe wrote:

"I believe that trail corridors can be had without
>government strongarming of the local landowners"
So does the ATC.  At their website, www.atconf.org, see the info on the AT 
Corridor Land Trust.  It fosters purchase, as it becomes available, of 
properties along the Trail or in its viewsheds by people* who want to 
preserve their land, or let it reforest, or leave it to the critters, or 
keep on farming it, etc.

* individuals or groups -- including retirees, towns, lumber companies, 
counties, researchers, schools, states, farmers, national park/forest 
entities, scout groups, vintners, hunting/fishing clubs, beekeepers, etc.

Yeah, beekeepers.  I recently bought some honey at a local farm market from 
one whose bees "work" the locust trees in the woods up along the Trail near 
Harpers Ferry.  He's very concerned about changes in land use that are 
crowding his livelihood.

The piecing together of the Trail is still going on, and it's no simpler 
than it ever was.  If any of you would rather be the owner and protector of 
Trail corridor/viewshed land rather than letting, say, a suburban housing 
developer buy it, e-mail bwilliams@atconf.org and say so.  It's a free 
country ... :)


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