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Re: [at-l] Saddleback

Saunterer wrote:

> From all reports the owner of the ski area isn't financially able to
> maintain the facilities he has. He was willing to sell the property in
> question but at 3-4 times it's appraised value. Neither the NRS or any
> other group could pay that. The only justification for his price is his
> pie-in-the-sky proposal to expand the ski resort. Sooooo.... Where do we go
> from here? If there was no eminent domain we could accept his "gift" which
> is nothing more than the right to walk through. 

Yes, dammit! That would be a start. It's not as though you can't
negotiate for more at a later date. It's not like the lift towers
are going up tomorrow. If they haven't been erected after a seven
year economic expansion, they're not going to appear any time
soon. You yourself just referred to expansion as a "pie-in-the-sky"

>                                                 We could pay an outrageous
> price for the property. We could relocate the trail which was there before
> the ski area. 

I thought Saddleback was priceless; something too important to
go unprotected. Apparently that was all just hyperbole.

> Am I bothered? No. It reminds me of the $600 toilet seats, $1200 hammers,
> etc. The logic is that the "government" has deep pockets and can afford it
> so why not give as much as I can. The trouble is that the government is us
> and it's not the government that's being greedy.

So let me get this straight: You believe that the government, funded
by *your* taxes, doesn't have the money to acquire Saddleback. This
makes it okay to simply take the land and give the owner whatever
"we the people" decide it's worth. Sweet.

No greed there.

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