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[at-l] Datto's Thru-Hike Springer Pack List

SPRINGER PACK WEIGHT (w/food & water)
Departing Springer April 1st 2000

  34 LBS 14 OZ
  Weighed at Post Office

Everything delicate is in a Ziploc

  Mountainsmith Mountainlight 5200 (Cfiber)
  Mountainsmith Belt Pouch
  Mountainsmith Mountainlight Sidekick Pouch
      (this carries the Platypus Hoser)
  Mountainsmith Waist Belt (updated since '97)
  One liter Lexan Nalgene
  10x10 Camp Towel (hung on side of pack)
  Small Plastic Thermometer 
      (hung on side of pack)
  Platypus 1.8L Hoser 
      (Take Off! used at shelter unless I 
       choose carry more water while hiking)
  Z-Rest Seat (hung on side of pack)
      (This is about 1 ounce - I may try 
       to use this with the Puffball
       instead of the dual foam rubber and
       Puffball pillow combination)

  Journal 5x7 notepad/Pen
  Pocket Thesaurus
  Plasticized Pocket Wild Guides (2)
      (these are the 3-fold type)
  Gold Bond Powder
     (I'll probably split this into two)
  Kelty Pack Cover
  Mylar Emerg Blanket 
     (noontime naps on ground)
     (use under bag at nasty shelters)
  Camp Trails Nylon Water Carrier Bag
     (avoids having to squat at water source
      at the end of the day - wait, that's not
      LNT is it?)
  All-weather Duct Tape
     (I use a lot of duct tape every day
      this is about 1/3 of a roll)
  Photon II Flashlight
  Credit Card/Money Holder
  Plastic Coin Purse w/coins
      (For tipping the towel boys at the
  Coleman Cable Lock

  Olympus DLX Wide 28-80 35mm camera w/film
  Swiss Army Knife (Classic)
  Kleenex (1 package)
  Ultrapod camera mini-tripod
  Sony radio w/battery & earbuds

  Toothpaste (travel size)
      (I could do without it but I like the
       taste it leaves versus none at all)
  Mylar Space Bag (for really bad nights)
  Two Gallon Ziplocs (2)
  Nalgene Top Cap
  Mylar Mirror
  Foam Ear Plugs - Disposable
  1/2 oz hand sanitizer
  Liquid soap (body washup, dishes)
  One A Day Multi-Vitamins
  Platypus Hoser Cap
  Disposable Razor
  Nylon Parachute Rope
  Food Hang Bag
  Pot Scrubber 1x1

  FFriends Hummingbird 20* Dryloft Long
  Stuff Sack and trash bag liner
  Thermarest Ultralite 3/4
     (A Ridgerest or closed cell foam
      pad would weigh less but I've not been
      able to get use to them to this point)
  Foam Rubber Piece (pillow)
     (May drop this since I'm using the
      Puffball jacket as a pillow too)
  Design Salt Silk Mummy Liner
     (To keep skank out of the bag)

  Eureka Gossamer Tent
  Poles and 9 tent stakes
  Stuff sack with trash bag liner

  Patagonia Puffball Jacket
  Sierra Designs Rain Jacket
  Long Sleeve Silk Pullover Shirt
  Camp Sandels (Wal-mart type)
  Fleece Long Sleeve Pullover
  Lightweight Nylon Pants
  Swim Trunks with liner
  Coolmax Short Sleeve Shirt
  Smartwool Exp Trekking Socks (1 pr)
  Wigwam Sock Liners (1 pr)
  Fox River Socks (1 pr - for sleeping)
  Headbands (2)

  Pur Voyager Filter in Pur bag
  Coffee Filters and rubber bands
  Platypus Filter Adapter and hose

  Whisperlite in MSR bag
  MSR 11 oz fuel bottle
  Coleman fuel in the bottle
  MSR Windscreen
  Whisperlite maintenance kit

  Evernew 1.3 Liter Titanium Pot
  Lexan Spoon
  Bic Lighter

  Kleenex (3 packages)
  Extra Ziploc & garbage bags
  Mailing labels
  Cortizone 10
  Compeed Large
  Compeed Medium
  Extra Film (3 rolls)
  Extra AA Battery (1)
  Backup Bic lighter

FOOD (Approach Trail to Neels Gap - 4 days)
  Plastic Pretzel Type Food Container (2)
     (even with the extra weight I like
      these with duct tape on top to keep
      critters out and the food dry & uncrushed)
  Liptons Noodles and Sauce (3)
  Peanut Butter (1 jar)
  Mini Rice Cakes (2 servings)
  Butter Buds
  Jalapeno Powder
  Tuna Cans - Sm. Easy Open type (4)
  Rice Krispy Treat (1)
  SF Tang (7)
  Planter's Gorp (1 package)
  Stove Top Stuffing (1 package)
  Pastry (7)
  Dried Soup (1)
  Nutra-Grain Bars (3)


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