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[at-l] Top 9 Stupid Things Men Pack for AT Thru-Hike

Dr. Datto's Top 9 Stupid Things 
Men Pack For Their AT Thru-Hike

 9) Urinal candy for the privy

 8) An Epilady -- For gosh sakes man, 
    the Trail is as safe as walking down 
    the main street of your own home town!

 7) Dice's 100 best all-time sure-fire hiker
    babe pickup lines -- "Hey, youz don't smell
    near as bad as ya look after hikin' all day
    in dis heat."

 6) Leather chaps and strapless evening gown -- 
    Wait...that's one of the top ten stupid
    *biker* men bring on a cross-country trip.

 5) Mesquite charcoal briquettes

 4) KC's Politically Correct Lesbian Tester II

 3) Counter-weight throw stone for hang bag

 2) Wet-N-Wild version of that Dr. Gray 
    'Venus Thing'

And Dr. Datto's number 1 stupid thing 
men pack for their AT thru-hike...

 1) The Clicker!

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