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Re: [at-l] Top 9 Stupid Things Men Pack for AT Thru-Hike

> Who  told you about the fire starter brick i
> toted for a week this year?

Well, I didn't know about the brick but I wanted
to include the usual Blow-Up Veronica in the list
of Top 9 Stupid Things Men Pack for an AT
Thru-hike. This would have made it an even 10

But the Space Blanket Bingo version for
ultralight enthusiasts won't be out by the time I
have to leave for Springer.

Everyone in the shelter would just complain about
all the crinkling sounds anyhow. Plus, she
snores. Well actually, it's a wheezing sound...


PS: Hey, at least I'd be able to leave my
Thermarest at home! Dual use an all. 

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