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Re: [at-l] cleaning fuel bottles

It was iodine and ammonium. The iodine would make a crystal that makes a 
nice pop, but is not powerful or dangerous.

Actually, most of your peers in the 40+ crowd had many opportunities to get 
superfluous fingers and eyes removed with Cherry Bombs, M-80's (about a 1/4 
stick of dynamite), and others. Ever see what a cherry bomb could do to a 
porcelain toilet?  We also had access to Gilbert's Chemistry sets, and 
similar sources of mayhem and education. Our children still have ample 
opportunity to remove themselves from the gene pool.

This ain't all that trail related. At least this isn't about exploding 
condoms filled with pre-filtered water.

Atlanta, GA

At 04:22 PM 8/17/1999 -0400, David  F. Addleton wrote:
>We put these little crystals of (do I remember correctly?) amonia and
>potassium on toilet seats (let me suggest vaseline is better!), and set off
>the crystals sometimes with magnified solar light. Both methods created
>this purple colored smoke.

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