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Re[2]: [at-l] cleaning fuel bottles

     Dear Mr. Addleton,
     You, sir, definitely need a trail name. I don't think that I am 
     exclusively qualified to suggest one (although I will in a second), I 
     only wish to point out the patent need for someone so clearly...., so 
     obviously, uniquely, ah, ....Well, you're definitely an individual's 
     individual (always a euphemism I've hated) and your presence on 
     this'ere list is a definite plus for the rest of us. That said, 
     Sloetoe respondeth to your most excellent postie as follows: ****>>

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Subject: Re: [at-l] cleaning fuel bottles
Author:  "David  F. Addleton" <dfa@wimlaw.com> at ima
Date:    8/17/99 4:22 PM

>      What do *I* think?? DON'T DO IT!! The only thing that would happen 
>      that you would deposit a light film of high carbon soot inside your 
>      fuel bottle, soon to be desolved and put back into solution when you
>      add the next fuel. 
As a kid I played with all manner of explosives, freely available. We tried 
to keep things safe, but sometimes things got out of hand, but fortunately 
not so much as to injure person or property. I'm sorry in this milieu that 
kids don't have the same opportunity to experiement as I enjoyed.
     ****>>Me, too. Also BB guns, pellet guns, slingshots, and I also ran 
     with sharp sticks in my hand, despite Mom's admonitions to the 
     contrary. Still, I'd tell *my* kids not to now. But I also coached 
     them recently on how to blow up bark chip houses with firecrackers. 
     "Boom" needs to be in a healthy kid's vocabulary.
We designed several stage rockets with gun powder. We used gunpowder to 
heat ball bearings which we then dropped in a bucket of water. The 
resulting mini-explosion left no obvious metal particle and only a magnet 
could recover some of the residue.
     ****>>When the ESTES rocket engines got boring in the ESTES rockets, 
     we'd tape them in multistory towers to swamp reeds and launch them 
     like bottle rockets. A little strontium for the red puffs, a little 
     sodium for the yellow, a little copper for the green, cool stuff 
     indeed....What made blue???
We put these little crystals of (do I remember correctly?) amonia and 
potassium on toilet seats (let me suggest vaseline is better!), and set off 
the crystals sometimes with magnified solar light. Both methods created this 
purple colored smoke.
     ****>>I hate to ask what happened to the toilet seats...Magnifying 
     glasses were great for chasing ants with "the alien death beam", 
     weren't they? Oh, you didn't do that.....sorry.
As for "high carbon soot" wouldn't this consist in nanotubes and 
buckeyballs among other carbon arrangements?
     ****>>But their attraction for one another is the difference between 
     "soot" and a "slippery" powder like amorphous graphite, molybdenum 
     disulfide, etc.
Which reminds me of when I tried to create an arc light. I took the carbon 
from two batteries, sharpened each in a pencil sharpener, and set them in a 
wooden stand with leads heading to a 220 volt ac source. Slowly pushed the 
two sharpened carbon rods closer and closer together, failing to get an arc 
... until they touched and we got this marvelous light and explosion that 
left the stand and carbon in pieces, and blew open the fuse box, and 
brought my mom screaming and yelling something about idiots.  
     ****>> LOL here! Closest I came to something this adventurous was 
     playing "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" with the hot water controls 
     of our furnace...at age 5(?). Boy, that got a fun reaction.
>      Oh! The Humanity!
Hydrogen, now there's an idea. Have you ever seen hydrogen balloons explode 
with a thrown match?? doesn't work with helium balloons. 
     ****>>No, Helium won't do it, although it will make you talk funny. 
     But in a similar vein, if you take the roll of caps out of your cap 
     gun, pierce them one at a time with a straight pin, zig-zag stacking 
     them on the pin until you've done the whole roll, then wrap the whole 
     thing tightly with masking/duct tape, seal with wax, and after VERY 
     CAREFULLY pulling the straight pin out, placing a fuse/wick where the 
     pin was, you can creat a dandy explosive from a kid's toy.
Am I being irresponsible here?  I had a blast being a kid ...
     ****>>Sure you are. If my kid's did this, I'd be horrified. On the 
     other hand, like blowing up barkchip houses, I just might show 'em. I 
     definitely will do ESTES rockets with them, and will probably pack 
     powders in the multistage separation charge to give us an added 
     thrill. My friend Tommy Chern used to build these beautiful car 
     models, and would then (somehow) get bored with them, load them full 
     of gasoline, and roll them (with a slow fuse) down a hill near his 
     house. Whoosh! Boom! Melt-melt-melt. What a riot! Tommy is now the 
     controller/manager at a resort in the Florida Keys. Didn't seem to 
     hurt either of us any.
     Also, let's not forget fire-building (legitimized "playing with 
     fire"), whittling (legitimized playing with sharp objects), ax 
     handling (legitimized destruction of living trees), pest control 
     (legitimized playing with dangerous chemicals to specifically cause 
     harm to other living things), and, perhaps most dear to this list, 
     camping (legitimized avoidance of most rules of hygiene). 
     So anyway, Mr. A, if I *were* to be so presumptuous as to propose a 
     trail name for you, even if just for the limited purposes of at-l use, 
     that name would be "Addled," as in "To confuse or muddle; to become 
     rotten; to become confused; confused; rotten;" as it seems to draw 
     into my mind the picture of some schoolmarm somewhere pointing a 
     steely finger at you, eyebrow raised in indignance, intoning "MISS-ter 
     AddleTON!!" at some point in your background. "Are you ADDLED, Mr. 
     Addleton?" I can hear her asking right now.....
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