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[at-l] water situation between routes 325 and 225 in pa...

does anyone have any info on the water situation between routes 325 and 225
in pa.  i'll be there this weekend...

again, anyone wishing to spend two days on the trail, we are gathering at
route 325 thursday evening, hiking to peters mountain shelter on friday, and
to the suquehanna river on saturday.  kahley will be there thursday evening
to kabitz, and to shuttle my van to the river.  i will be hiking with a
complete newbie who will be loaded down with all new equipment fresh from
campmor.  it is going to be a blast...

if you can't make it thurday, meet us at the shelter friday evening.
wherever you leave your car, i can get you back to it on saturday.  we will
probably be down near the old shelter because weekenders may have invaded
the new shelter.  anyway, look for the guy with the limp and the moans (me),
and the guy with the flashy clean equipment (him).


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