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[at-l] Thruhikers in Hanover

Hi Everyone,

I went to Hanover NH yesterday to visit with Yahoola '97 and Baltimore
Jack.  Apparently the "lasagne-fest" on Saturday night was a big success.
I thought I'd post a list of thruhikers I saw on Sunday and the ones who
were there Saturday night.

On Sunday in Hanover I saw: Baltimore Jack, Single Malt, Spuds, Hiking
Pole, Long Haired Freaky People, Wood Packer, Britton, Sparrow, Wild
Chicago and Corsican (fka ATAMI).  I know there were others there but I
didn't know them or didn't see them.

In addition on Saturday night several hikers were shuttled back from points
North to join in the lasagne fest.  To the best of everyone's memories the
following people were there Saturday, but are actually a few days north on
the trail:  Jilebi, Rhubarb, Songbird, Caboose, Last Exit, Too Obtuse, Pale
Rider and Frog.

I had a great visit, watched a lot of food be eaten, a bunch of games of
pool being played in Tabard and finally met Trail Angel Kampfire, whose
name I've heard for 2 years but who I had never met.  He's just as great a
person as I've heard.  Everyone is looking very trail worn, but having a
good time.  That's it for now.  I must admit I was glad to NOT be hiking in
the rain, but I wouldn't mind being out there today.  Guess I'll just have
to make do with the next few weekends.  I can see that more trips to NH are
in order  :-)

GA>ME '98

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