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[at-l] Backpack in the Smokies

We're back and we had a most wonderful time.  Now I have to get caught up 
with reading my digests.  We had a wonderful week of backpacking.   We left 
from Wayah Bald about noon on Saturday and finished at Davenport Gap at noon 
the next Sunday.  Some of the highlights were a climb to the tower at 
Shuckstack; a mouse biting my finger at Cold Spring shelter; helping out some 
newbie backpackers at Cable Gap shelter; a mouse biting a hole in our water 
carrier; an absolutely wonderful stay in Gatlinburg which included soaking in 
a jacuzzi;  getting a ride back to the trail with a nice honeymooning couple 
from Michigan; meeting some curious and friendly Amish on Clingman's; and, of 
course, all the beautiful views (especially Thunderhead and Rocky Top).  We 
bought a book of Kephart's writings about the Smokies to read to each other 
at night.  It was great to read about the places we were hiking.  It's almost 
a letdown to be home.
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