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[at-l] fall hiking

On Thu, 12 Aug 1999 09:49:53 -0500 Pat Villeneuve
<patv@falcon.cc.ukans.edu> writes:
> What kind of gear and clothing does it take to hike New England in 
> the
> fall? What kind of conditions should hikers expect? How busy is the 
> AT?

 Keep in mind that a fall hike on the  AT in New England encompasses
anything from the river valley of Conn, to the snow and frost covered
summit of Katahdin.   

I have hiked the Whites in October wearing anything from scrub top and
shorts to long johns, fleece pullover and a wool hat.

Basically, some light winter gear is reccomended.

My own kit is this:
Scrub Top
Polypro liner socks
Wool socks

Then I carry:
Lt. weight long sleeve polypro shirt
Polypro bottoms
Wool or fleece hat
Fleece top
one pair each of extra liners and socks

    I also carry a poncho that I rarely use, I prefer to get wet, change
into dry clothese when I reach camp.

If it is cold, I wear my longjohns with the shorts over them, polypro
If it is REALLY cold, I throw on my fleece and hat.

The only time I wear pants of any sort is when I am doing winter hiking
(say late November or so) in the Whites.  Hopefully when I do winter
hiking in the Rockies as well. :)
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