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Re: [at-l] fall hiking

     Bring everything you own. It sucks.
     In the middle of October -- at the height of "leaf season", I/we 
     forgot shorts on the list -- who'dah thunk it??-- and spent four days 
     above tree line sweltering (in tee-shirts and fleece pants pulled high 
     like knickers) with windless, sunny daytime highs in the 65-70* range. 
     Four days later, with silk tops/bottoms, 200-weight fleece 
     tops/bottoms, Goretex shell tops/bottoms, gaitors, wool shirts, 
     balacavas pulled down, neoprene face masks, wool watch caps over 
     baseball caps, wool liners inside overmitts, I/we hiked comfortably in 
     sunny highs around 20-25*, wind around 20-25 before gusts, rime ice 
     over *everything*.
     A little variability up thar.
     Busy-wise, the whole place shuts down when the AMC huts close for the 
     season. A surprising amount of people are there while the huts are 
     open, though.
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Subject: [at-l] fall hiking
Author:  Pat Villeneuve <patv@falcon.cc.ukans.edu> at ima
Date:    8/12/99 9:49 AM
What kind of gear and clothing does it take to hike New England in the 
fall? What kind of conditions should hikers expect? How busy is the AT?
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