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Re: [at-l] Beginner's 3-Day Hike - Day 3

Dang,  now you got me all distracted thinking about my next one too!  I
won't be able to make it back to the AT until spring unless I get the
opportunity to do some winter hiking.  I've never really been out in the
cold so it seems unlikely that I'd get the knowledge and the gear in
time.  Therefore I'm going to hike in Ocala National Forest maybe next
month, although some on the Florida list are talking about how good the
Swanee River hike is, so who knows.  If it wasn't so bloomin hot, I'd
just go to the local woods but whew wee! I run from the office to the
car to the house.

Thanks again Delita, for the report,

>Already looking forward to the next trip...

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