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Re: [at-l] Cooking in any Tent?

At 07:01 AM 8/12/99 -0400, Kenneth R. Knight wrote:
>You know I can't imagine using a stove in my Stephensons tent unless it 
>is fairly chilly outside (even if it is really OK to use an Esbit stove 
>in there). 
If the Esbit is like my British "Tommy Cooker" (which I understand it was
copied from) there is NO WAY I'd ever use it in any tent. The flame is much
too close to the surface it sits on and requires a heat shield under it to
keep it from charring a wooden shelter floor. Your tent floor would never
survive it and you might not either. Aside from the fire hazard I don't
think the fumes from the fuel would be a good thing in such an enclosed
space. Stoves belong outside or under a tarp with lots of breezes blowing
through. I know, I know, some people do it and get away with it. Count
yourselves *LUCKY*. It's not a good idea. I like to finish my hikes alive
and without burns all over my body.

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