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RE: [at-l] Cooking in a Stephenson Tent?

I've never felt the need to cook in a tent, but there are conditions, at
least when winter camping, where friends have told me there really isn't
much choice.

That said, I think there is a big difference between using a stove, briefly,
to cook and using it as a heater.  Some of the factors are:

(1) how long are you running the stove
(2) how much ventilation is there (note: the times I can imagine cooking in
a tent all involve high wind)
(3) what is your PURPOSE in running the stove.  If you are trying to keep
warm, you are also probably trying to keep ventilation down.  If you are
trying to cook, you probably want ventilation UP to carry away the water

The biggest thing that scares me about cooking in a tent is the possibilty
of fire.  I supect (luckily without first hand experience) that burning
nylon cloth is nasty stuff to be around.

-- Jim

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