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Re: [at-l] Cooking in a Stephenson Tent?

You know I can't imagine using a stove in my Stephensons tent unless it 
is fairly chilly outside (even if it is really OK to use an Esbit stove 
in there). I was taking measurements and trying to get the hang of those 
strange tension adjusting buckles (still not got the hang of it, but I'll 
get it in time I trust) by the front door and while inside I realized it 
was considerably warmer than outside. I didn't take a thermometer inside 
with me, but clearly the inner wall does a great job of keeping heat in 
(I didn't really have the windows open during much of this time). Seems 
to me a stove would really raise the inside temperature quite a bit. Now, 
on a chilly wintry day that might be grand and just what the body needs; 
but any other time it could easily be too much.

  ** Ken **

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