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Re: [at-l] Cooking in a Stephenson Tent?

At 07:45 AM 8/12/1999 -0600, John O wrote:
>This is what Stephenson says on one of the many direction sheets they send
>with their tent.
>"No problem cooking in the tent, as long as you prime stove ONLY with solid
>fuel or paste starter, NEVER with ANY liquid fuel, or start stove outside.
>NEVER put a heat or wind screen around the fuel tank on stove with built in
>tank.  Heat from cooking usually dries tent out, but open pots of hot water
>or food after stove is off can cause lots of condensation in a tent."
>Has anyone out there used a stove inside a Stephenson and what was the

Regardless of what the instructions say, please don't cook in _any_ tent. 
If the tent is able to protect you from wind and holds in heat, it is not 
adequately ventilated to prevent your death from CO (carbon monoxide). You 
might get away with it, but there will be that _one_ time that you fail to 
wake up.

As David mentioned, we had a death in a Boy Scout campout last March with a 
father killing himself and 2 sons with a small heater in the tent. He 
didn't listen to the instructions and rules of the campout. Darwin was 
correct: Only the fittest survive.

Atlanta, GA
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