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Re: [at-l] Hiking Sticks/Knees

Most of the knee pain we see around here is due to weak quads. The 
combination of week quads, overly optimistic pack loads, and multiple hills 
often result in severe pain, especially on downhills. If you have joint 
pain with hiking, it is often worthwhile spending a bit of time with an 
orthopod and/or physical therapist to evaluate the problem and create a 
training plan. If there are more nasty problems (cartilage damage, torn 
ligaments, arthritis, et al), then you might need more specific treatment 
and/or reconsideration of sports. Plugging along with pain is a great way 
to make a bigger problem.

Atlanta, GA

At 03:29 PM 8/10/1999 -0400, Lynn Setzer wrote:
>It's one of the better explanations of what goes on in a knee that I have
>found.  I went in thinking I had patellar tendinitis, but am now convinced
>it must be chondromalacia, not that I'm a doctor or anything.

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