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Re: [at-l] Nomad or Tarp

> >David
> Where do you put your gear when hammock camping? Mine always ended up on
> the ground. if I hung the pack on a tree it wasn't under the tarp. I like
> hammocks but my gear has always been a problem.

I throw up a rope -- well not exactly, I've not been eating ropes -- I mean
I pitch a rope tightly between two trees and put my tarp over it to form
the apex. The rope gives me a place to hang up my toys: a radio,
flashlight, knife, maps, notebook, etc.

I like to hang stuff, or raise it off the ground under the tarp a wee bit
so water can flow under it. I've hung my practically empty backpack from
the hammock.

I use my stuff sack w/ clothes for a pillow. Food gets hung in a bear bag.
That leaves my pack, stove, dishes, toys, etc., which fit easily under the

I use an 8x10 tarp. The 8ft part covers the length of the hammock. That
gives around 4 (plus or minus) feet on either side of the apex line, plenty
of cover to keep things dry.

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