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Re: [at-l] 11 pounds of gear/5 pounds of pack

At 12:38 AM 8/5/1999 -0700, KC wrote:

>Super MityLite w/headband 2 1/2oz
>Photon Light 1/2oz

Use one or the other. Why keep the Mitylite given the weight and output of 
the Photon?

>Pack towel 2 oz

Has this been cut into a small section, yet?

>Plastic Measuring Cup 1 1/2 oz

Lose it. Get a metal cup with markings for measurements, and use it for 
coffee and soup.

>Soap 1 oz (hardly ever used)

Why keep it then?

>First aid kit consisted of Imodium AD, Compeed for blisters, needle, 
>pepto, ibuprofen, set of runes, The Keeper, Carmex, deet 5 oz

The Carmex is duplicated, and the Imodium isn't necessary if you have Pepto.

>Terry Cloth Pillow Case 2oz

This _and_ a pack towel?

>Umbrella,,,yes I loved it  7 oz

And a rain jacket? Pagan!

But a very good start! Way to go. BTW, before your hike you were discussing 
how much this was like ending a part of your life, and wondering what 
person would return. Any thoughts on that? Are you the new ultralite WarEagle?

Atlanta, GA
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