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RE: [at-l] saddleback - Amen brother Ron!!!!

Thats exactly my point. You are not endorsing the behavior of that "other
guy" by using his links to send saddleback messages. I was told that the
letters sent from there show the senders e-mail address and do not say
Trailplace anywhere on them. I don't think that using his facilities
endorses anything about him or gives him any credit. Its just a tool that he
is providing.

But if you feel strongly about it then I have no problem with that. I can
understand it. I was just asking people to help on Saddleback. I don't
really care how you do it. My only suggestion if you really feel opposed to
sending a letter from Trailplace is to use it to get the links to the ATC's
info and the appropriate e-mail addresses to send a letter to. Then write
your own letter.

Jim McBride

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> Me too! I just see no reason to endorse the behavior of the "other" 
> administrator by using his links for the appropriate letters. There are 
> many ways to get out the message, but without the cost of giving him more 
> credit than he deserves or earned. I have heard of no one wishing to pave 
> Saddleback as a reaction to the "other" administrator. I have only heard
> of 
> reasons to find some other forum for the discussion, when "discussion" 
> became "directive".
> OrangeBug
> Atlanta, GA
> At 09:30 AM 8/5/1999 -0400, McBride, James wrote:
> >Saddleback is an important issue in my opinion. You are free to disagree
> if
> >you want. But please don't attack me for simply asking for help on an
> issue
> >I believe in.
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