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Re: [at-l] Nine and a half DAYS! Yeeeeeeeehaaaawwww!!

Whew! Iw as afraid that was a thread on 9 1/2 weeks!

Smokies southbound sounds real good. The biggest problem will be transport 
up to Davenport, perhaps Airtran to Knoxville or such, and a shuttle from 
there. This will  be before the autumn colors start, so you will still be 
in a green tunnel, but without all the summer vacationers.

Another good hike could be to start a southbounder from Franklin, NC, and 
end up near Neel's Gap or Woody Gap. Rides home are often very easy to get. 
I think you have done much of that section, though.

If you focus on the idea of 3-4 hours from Atlanta, you might consider a 
flight to Dulles, and hit the SNP section down to Waynesboro, VA, and head 
to Charlottesville or Richmond for a trip back. Of course, you would be up 
there with a bunch of Yahoos and Hokies. <g>

Atlanta, GA

At 03:54 PM 8/4/1999 -0400, David  F. Addleton wrote:
>9 and a half days if you count Friday after work.
>Thinking about taking an easy trek through the Smokies southbound.

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