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[at-l] 11 pounds of gear/5 pounds of pack

A few people have asked about my gear at the end of the trip...here it is. Keep in mind this is summer gear. Amazon was carrying a Arch Rival Walrus tent. We used my esbit stove, fuel, and pot. Her pack weight was down to 20 pounds.
I was wearing:
made some Gaiters out of liner socks 1/2 oz
Tholo liner socks 3 oz
Casio Triple Sensor Watch 2 oz
Pepper Spray at close hand and glad to have it on some occasions 1 1/2 oz
Knife 2 oz
Carmex 1/2 oz
Bone whistle 1/2 oz
Private medicine bag 1 oz
Nylon AT hat 2 oz
Short Sleeved Poly Shirt 3 oz
Nylon shorts w/liner 3 oz
Lowa Boots 2lb 7 oz
used Leki Hiking Poles some duck taped wrapped around them 1lb 6oz
Plastic water gun 2 oz
Backpack cover 5 1/2 ounces
North Face Climber Sleeping Bag 35 degree   2 pounds
Deluxe 3/4 ThermaRest   1 lb 8oz
Platypus one liter (2) 2oz
Platypus hydration system 2oz
Bandanna 1oz
Super MityLite w/headband 2 1/2oz
Photon Light 1/2oz
Campmor Fleece Jacket 14 oz
Mt Hardwear Rain Jacket 12 oz
Thorlo liner socks 3 oz
Pack towel 2 oz
Esbit Stove 3oz
fuel tabs usually 2oz worth
Titanium Pot w/lid 5 1/2 oz
Loofa, can opener, bic lighter 1 1/2 oz
Plastic Measuring Cup 1 1/2 oz
Lexan Spoon 1/2 oz
Soap 1 oz (hardly ever used)
Bat Womyn Toothbrush 1 oz
Tea Tree Oil for brushing teeth 1 oz
Roll of TP 3 oz,,,had to have my TP
Wallet/ID/Credit Card/Phone Card/Cash 1oz
First aid kit consisted of Imodium AD, Compeed for blisters, needle, pepto, ibuprofen, set of runes, The Keeper, Carmex, deet 5 oz
AM/FM/Weather/TV radio 3 oz
Maps 2oz
Olympus Stylus Epic Camera in case 7 1/2oz
Tent poles 1 lb (Amazon carried the tent 4lbs)
Terry Cloth Pillow Case 2oz
Umbrella,,,yes I loved it  7 oz
All this carried in a McHale Pack  5 lb 12oz
Mt Smith Large Belly Pouch 5 1/2oz
I used zip lock bags for clothes, etc
In a bounce box was:
50 feet of rope   3 1/2 oz
emergency blanket 2oz
Potable Aqua Tabs 1oz  Only filtered our water 3 times
2 AA batteries 2oz
rain pants 9 oz
nylon shorts 3 oz
nail clippers, extra Carmex, safety pins, nylon thread, lighter 4oz
Sharp TelMail TM20 10 oz
extra film 1 oz
Scrub Shirt 4 1/2 oz
Cotton muscle shirt 2 1/2 oz
Liner gloves 1 oz
Poly Medium Long Underwear Top 7oz
Poly Light Long Underwear bottoms 6 1/2 oz
Knee brace 3 1/2 oz
Fleece hat 2 oz
cotton socks 2 oz
Mail drops consisted of:
fuel, soap, maps, guide book sections, food (will not mail drop food again), Q-tips
Looking at this list I can see where I could get the weight down even more!!!! Gear,,,we don't need no stinkin gear!!! Well, maybe a few things. KC