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Re: [at-l] Any recipes?

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Subject: [at-l] Any recipes?
Author:  John O <johno@mail.monmouth.com> at ima
Date:    8/2/99 9:47 PM

JohnO wrote:
I just bought a dehydrator and plan on using it for the 100 mile wilderness 
in ME later on this year.  If all goes well I'll continue to use dehydrated 
meals along the way.
***To which Sloetoe respondeth:
JohnO, forget the dehydrator for the 100 mile wilderness. There is no 
electricity anywhere nearby. Trust me on this one.

JohnO also wrote:
I don't have any recipes except some real simple ones like dehydrated water 
and easy ones like that.
John O  
***And Sloetoeth alsoeth replyeth:
"Dehydrated water." Cute. Ho-Ho. Very Cute. See me laugh. Ha. Ha. (Is this guy a
card or what? Yeesh.)

(OKaaaaay. Let's get that first cup o' coffee *down* the pipe.)

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