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[at-l] Any recipes?

>Ever read Ray Jardine's books.  One thing he touts is corn spaghetti, tho I 
>can't say I've ever seen any.  I've seen people rehydrate things they've 
>cooked and dried at home.  Looks good -- and difficult to stage for a hike 
>of any length.  Be interested to see others' answers to this one.  JPJ
I've eaten corn pasta and its okay but I don't believe I could take a
steady diet of it.  Health food store is where I bought mine.  Almost every
day for 2 1/2 months I ate frosted apple cinnamon pop tarts and never grew
tired of them.  Lipton rice dinners were eaten almost every night.  The
pasta one seemed to stick to pot while the rice dinners didn't.
I just bought a dehydrator and plan on using it for the 100 mile wilderness
in ME later on this year.  If all goes well I'll continue to use dehydrated
meals along the way.
I don't have any recipes except some real simple ones like dehydrated water
and easy ones like that.   
John O  
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