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Re: [at-l] It is offcial

Oh no KC!!!!  I just spent all morning writing a letter to stop all
this.  It about killed me to not mention the unequal application of
the rules concerning personal attacks.  But I had to do something
before it got someone bumped off.  I am sooo sorry I wasn't quicker.
I don't know why he didn't just kick me off instead of taking it
out on you!!!  This is really sh**ty     k./\

KC wrote:

 I have been kicked off the ATML, WATL and AT99 lists,,,such a shame , such a shame. If someone belongs on both lists and someone responds to my last posts could you tell them I have been kicked off (better do it privately or you to will be silenced), I don't want them to think I am not responding to them,,,I can't,,,I have been silenced.    Now about that online journal,,,bet WF wouldn't let me post on Trailplace....How can I do it throughAt-L???? KC   now known as WAR EAGLE (just kidding,,,venting a bit).