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[at-l] Re: PA AT

Just got back from a 4 day section hike on the AT in PA.  Went south to  RT
805, which is south of Duncannon.  Although the books say the rocks end at
Duncannon, the darn hills have not read the book.  The hill that is just after
Duncannon (going south) is among the worst that I have seen.  Is this a recent
re route ?

Also, we found a great couple of restaurants.  First, the truck stop just
south of the Bridge inton Duncannon has great food and clean showers for $6 a
shot.  Anyone know of any resource that would show where other truck stops are
located?  As a section hiker, a shower is either nice when faced with a
multiple hour car ride home or a necessity for a plane ride home and a truck
stop may be the way to do it.

Also found a brewery in Harrisburg, The Applachian Brewing Company.  It is
near the bus station and has been open for around 1 1/2 years.  This is not a
cheap place, but a nice one.  Drafts cost around $3.50 and dinner fare around
$7 to $9 each.  Although the owners are not hikers, at least three of the
staff there are and spent a fare amount of time discussing the trail with us.
If you are in the area with a car to  get into town, it is worth the drive.
ANyone know of other brew pubs around the trail?

Happy New Year Folks.

Kevin (Paddington Bear) Buffalo, NY
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