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RE: [at-l] Booted off ATML

At 3:24 PM -0500 12/30/98, * wrote:
>Jee..I really feel cheated.  I got kicked off ATML for having attachments
>on my E-mail (the server was having one of those days).  I couldn't
>guarentee a non-recurrence, and was asked to leave until I could promise
>good server behavior...


You broke atml rule 1532.e93  NEVER EVER have an attachment on WF's atml..

Actually WF's server is on autopilot the way he programmed it ( which is great
programming by the way ), he then has lots of work to redo those e-mail
accts that bounced because they can't take attachments.  It makes his
administration somewhat difficult.

I am no programmer but the "administrator's" programs should be able to
detect if an e-mail has an attachment and not re-send. This might be very
complicated in WF's system as I think it can go several places so there maybe
no obvious solution.

Perhaps someone can suggest the coding to WF if it is not too complicated and
he can alleviate people forgetting when they send things to atml for apparently
one can send attachments on at-L without causing Ryan grief. Or just remember
when on WF's ATML  NO ATTACHMENTS.. really not that bad... but I like to
see those bear photos.. or was that bare photos...

-- Tom bear bells Caggiano

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