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Re: [at-l] 1/2 oz. FM radio

Pat Villeneuve wrote:
> I used to agree, but then I found myself hiking solo and injured towards
> Shenandoah after the 1996 homicides. I wanted and needed information to
> make some important decisions. I decided to carry a small radio the next
> time. I used it then to find a weather forecast when I was in a shelter
> situation I didn't like--should I stay or could I go?...

Pat - It seems to me that you have actually provided good reasons not to
carry the radio.  If I read this right, you felt uncomfortable in the
shelter, for whatever reason. Instead of listening to your inner voice,
you let something outside determine whether or not you would stay in an
uncomfortable situation. Then in the Shenandoahs, you were injured and
feeling vulnerable and heard about the murders, and instead of playing
it safe, instinctively, you let the voice on the radio determine your
actions. I don't mean to be critical, but one of the best defenses we
have, especially hiking alone, is an ability to read subtle cues that
tell us when there is danger.  Learning to ignore those cues is not
wise.  I have found that I have an inner voice that can help me, if I am
willing to listen. If I don't listen, I stop hearing it.  Several times
I have altered course because something didn't feel right about a
situation. There wasn't necessarily any logic to it, but I know when to
listen. I don't need to find a logical reason (i.e. a weather report) to
give justification to my actions, it's enough to know that something
feels wrong, and my inner voice says to move.  One of the reasons for
living the trail life is in order to get back in touch with the inner
voice that knows things that logic and reason may not know.  Carrying a
radio for entertainment is one thing, but to determine my actions? Not


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