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Re: [at-l] I'm so excited!!!!!


Hey, way to go!!!!!!!!!!  We're delighted at this good news! We hope to
hear that things continue to get better!

I'll either be at Springer 1/1, or heading south from Tesnatee w/ my oldest
for a couple of days. He has expressed interest in doing some cold weather
camping before school (6th grade) starts back up. All I need is a legit
excuse to head out. We'll see...

At 08:32 PM 12/27/98 , Linda Bertoncini wrote:
>Just got back from an 8 mile hike,
>including Blood Mountain (Did it from
>the Lake Winfield Scott side rather than
>the knee killer into Neels Gap.)  But,
>after not being able to get on the A.T.
>since mid October because of the ITBS
>and my balance problems, I am so
>thrilled that I could even go 8 miles
>without a backpack. (Just a little day
>pack)  My husband decided he didn't feel
>like going but I was determined to go
>anyhow.  At the last minute he changed
>his mind.  I was really glad that he
>did, but I wasn't going to let anyone
>stop me!  I am a bit sore but wasn't in
>any real pain.  The balance and
>dizziness problems continue but, with
>the help of my Leki's, I can deal with
>it.  At least I didn't fall off any
>mountains! LOL  There was enough ice on
>the ground that I could fill a ziplock
>bag and ice the knee.  The weather was
>cold and clear, the view from the top of
>Blood awesome as always.  But, somehow,
>it seemed even more spectacular this
>trip!  Sonny says that I am a stubborn
>woman, always trying to prove the
>doctors wrong.  But I usually succeed!
>I believe that a positive mind set is
>much more important than the physical
>obstacles that we may face.  So, dear
>friends, I am on my way!  Soon, very
>soon, I will have my backpack on and get
>the distance up again.  Hope to see some
>of you on top of Springer January 1st!
>Linda (who is just glowing!)
>Linda V. Bertoncini, R.N.,B.A.
>Member of Doulas of North America
>Blessed Beginnings: A Doula Service
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