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[at-l] I'm so excited!!!!!

Just got back from an 8 mile hike,
including Blood Mountain (Did it from
the Lake Winfield Scott side rather than
the knee killer into Neels Gap.)  But,
after not being able to get on the A.T.
since mid October because of the ITBS
and my balance problems, I am so
thrilled that I could even go 8 miles
without a backpack. (Just a little day
pack)  My husband decided he didn't feel
like going but I was determined to go
anyhow.  At the last minute he changed
his mind.  I was really glad that he
did, but I wasn't going to let anyone
stop me!  I am a bit sore but wasn't in
any real pain.  The balance and
dizziness problems continue but, with
the help of my Leki's, I can deal with
it.  At least I didn't fall off any
mountains! LOL  There was enough ice on
the ground that I could fill a ziplock
bag and ice the knee.  The weather was
cold and clear, the view from the top of
Blood awesome as always.  But, somehow,
it seemed even more spectacular this
trip!  Sonny says that I am a stubborn
woman, always trying to prove the
doctors wrong.  But I usually succeed!
I believe that a positive mind set is
much more important than the physical
obstacles that we may face.  So, dear
friends, I am on my way!  Soon, very
soon, I will have my backpack on and get
the distance up again.  Hope to see some
of you on top of Springer January 1st!
Linda (who is just glowing!)

Linda V. Bertoncini, R.N.,B.A.
Member of Doulas of North America
Blessed Beginnings: A Doula Service

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