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Re: [at-l] Thru-hiking in 2000 AD: Survival?

Matt Thomas wrote:

> I'm new to the group, so excuse the idea I bring up here,
> but given some of the talk about the Y2K bug  and possible
> power outages, etc., will thru-hikers in 2000
> maybe be escaping some of the chaos that may brew if the
> computers do crash? What are your opinions? Would it be
> feasible to hit the trail if the computers do crash?

I wouldn't be too concerned about the Y2K issue. The government
will take care of us for the duration, and all it'll cost is
some of our liberty. Don't bother preparing to much. As the
collectivists are fond of asserting, we're an interdependent
society now, and any outward show of independence might get you
into trouble.

Carry several hundred dollars in cash and don't depend on your
maildrops. You'll be fine.

mfuller@somtel.com; Northern Franklin County, Maine
The Constitution is the white man's ghost shirt.  }>:-/> --->

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