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Re: [at-l] medical questions

>> i am looking into CPR, FR, and EMT certification


>> and most importantly how do i find out more abou tthem and how do
>> i train to get them (if i deside i want to pursue this).

> There is a homepage on the web for SOLO at www.stonehearth.com - they
> run wilderness first aid courses.  Good company - if you have the time
> and the money. It is a question of depth. 

I too have heard good things about SOLO.

Also note that there is some difference between "regular" emergency
medical training and wilderness medical training. The former usually 
assumes that the ambulance is only minutes away, or that you're in
direct communication with professionals. Some of the classes will be
developed more with training community rescue workers in mind.

Wilderness training not only places emphasis more toward the types
of injury encountered in the backcountry, but also that assistance
may not be immediately forthcoming. Check the classes out carefully
to ensure that you'll get from them the skills you want.

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